Fix Juno Email Not Working Issue Via Adept Juno Officials

In today’s world, everybody is reliant on an email service for his day to day communication. Just like Gmail and Yahoo mail, Juno email has also a pre-eminent place in the market for its wide array of attributes. Being registered to a Juno email, the users can get a virus and spam protection, web access and mobile access services. However, the many Juno email users are embroiled into certain technical blockades time to time and wonder about fixing these issues. However as they are just a laymen with no sound technical knowledge, so they are unable to fix these issues and call Juno email technical support number for this cause. However, there are other perfect ways to get your issues warded off within a short time. Only you need to be aware of the appropriate knowledge of your blockades so that you can immediately resolve them. Some Juno email users are a little worried about Juno email not working issues in iPhone and can’t find out the perfect solutions for these issues. However, they only need to configure their Juno email account to fix these issues.

Following are the valuable instructions which will really help you in fixing your Juno email not working problems:-

  • First of all, open your browser and visit Juno website and sign into your account

  • Now you need to click on Settings option located at your right

  • Next click on POP mail

  • Now choose “ON-Pop my mail to my desktop/smartphone”

  • Now sign out of your Juno email

  • After that, you need to tap on Settings option on your iPhone

  • Once you have done that now proceed to tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

  • Now tap on Add Account

  • After that tap on Other

  • Next, you have to tap on Add mail account

  • after that type the name, email id and your password and type Juno in the description field

  • Now tap on Next

  • After that tap on Juno

  • Now a screen will appear where you will have to edit the settings for your email id

  • Next change Hostname as

  • Now you have to tap on Advanced

  • Now enter 110 in Server Port field

  • after that tap on the back button

  • Next, tap on SMTP and then tap on Primary Server

  • Now enter in the hostname field and turn on the Use SSL option

  • Next enter 587 in Server Port

  • After that tap on Done

  • Next press the square button of your device and go to the home screen

  • now tap on the mail app

  • Next, tap until you reach the screen where you will be able to see your inboxes

  • Now select Juno

  • Now you will be able to check your messages in your email

Voila !! You have configured Juno in your iPhone and now you can easily enjoy using this email on your device. However, a majority of users are not able toward these issues off and look for the effective ways to deal with this issue. However, they are not required to be saddened anymore as they can get prompt relief from these problems by connecting to Juno email technical support staff that are involved in offering marvelous solutions to you for any kind of your problems. These representatives have a great know-how of the accurate steps which can enable you to solve your technical hitches.

If you are hell bent on getting first rate solutions from the customer support professionals then you only need to provide detailed information on your issues to them so that they can come forward to unravel your issues within a short time. Hence if you need urgent support for deciphering your Juno email, not working problems, then call Juno email customer service number directly.


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