Fusemail is basically the service that helps people to connect anytime anywhere and that too with confidence. Like other web mailing services this service also helps people connect to the outer world with the help of emails, i.e a person can send any message in the form of the emails.This service has got some attractive feature attached to it, like this basically provides the service of the free account set up as well as the paid account set up. But the feature of the web mailing service which you will opt will vary accordingly.


So in order to get access to this service you first of all need to have an account on the fusemail for which either you can go for a free account setup on the internet or you even purchase a paid account as well.In order to set up a free fusemail account you need to follow the following written steps carefully:-

  • you can go for accessing this service on your android device, for that purpose you need to go through some setting procedure

  • like you have to visit the menu option on your android device then you need to access this exchange email service on you phone

  • for that, after finding the menu option, just tap on it

  • then go for visiting the option of the accounts

  • then proceed further to the settings

  • then you need to just tap on the accounts towards the bottom of the screen

  • after that, you have to enter the information abut the account you want to add like

  • you need to enter the email address and then the password along with the description of the account

  • and once you reach to this level now you can access your account on your android device


Now while using this service you may get into many troubles regarding the settings like the IMAP settings of the fusemail then you have to either contact the fusemail technical support or you can go through the following steps strictly:-

  • first of all, you have to type the imap.fusemail.net in your browser then you have to do the settings of the incoming mail server

  • then you need to enter the information regarding the incoming mail server

  • like the IP address of the server and the mail address of the incoming mail server

  • then you have to select the pop or the IMAP settings since this is the settings for IMAP so you need to select the IMAP

  • now it is the time to go for the outgoing mail server

  • for that, you need to type in smtp.fusemail.net

  • then go for typing the fusemail username

  • followed by entering the fusemail password, once you reach to this step you are done with this process.


Now in case your fusemail not working then in that case you have to, first of all, take your time to find the technical person from the fusemail customer service to help you about with the problem you are facing. The people at these communities do have immense information regarding the process so it is the right decision to directly contact such people for the required assistance.They will provide you the right guidance in the lesser time with proper solutions.


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