Setup Cogeco Email On iPhone With The Help Of Experienced Technical Support

Cogeco is a Canadian telecommunication company that provides a wide array of internet services, telecommunication services, and telephone services. The company also services in different regions in the USA. Millions of satisfied users of Cogeco internet service frequently talks about high-speed internet and Wi-Fi service of Cogeco. The company provides email service free of cost to each and every Cogeco account holders. People use Cogeco webmail from laptops, desktops, iPhones, and all other mobile internet devices.

Cogeco email customer service is a dedicated support system for the Cogeco email users. Different types of technical issues may occur while working on Cogeco which can be readily solved with the help of highly efficient technical support team. People frequently call at Cogeco email tech support number for using Cogeco email on iPhone. There is a certain process that is to be followed in order to use this modern email service seamlessly on any version of iPhone.

The steps involved in setting up Cogeco on iPhone are as follows:

Step 1: Every iPhone contains a separate settings app. The user needs to access that app. On opening the app several options will appear on the screen. The user needs to choose “mail, contact, calendar”.

Step 2: In this chosen option, the user will find “Add Account”, in this option the user will find “Other”. On tapping the other option, the user needs to choose “Add Mail Account”. So, the process will be as follows: Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendar > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account.

In the ‘Add mail account’ some configurational changes are required to set up Cogeco email service. There are two parts in this setting one for incoming emails and other for outgoing emails. Follow the Step 3 for changing the settings for incoming emails and Step 4 for changing the settings in outgoing emails.

Step 3: In the incoming mail server, several blank fields will appear, which are to be filled up in the following process:

Account type: IMAP

User Name: The complete email address is to be typed here, i.e. the email address with domain name and extension name. It will look like

Server host name:

Server port: 993

Authentication: the password for the Cogeco email service

SSL/TLS: Put tick mark

Step 4: In the outgoing mail server, several blank fields will appear, which are to be filled up in the following process:

Account type: SMTP

User Name: The complete email address as shown in the previous step.

Server name:

Server port: 465

Authentication: the password as shown in the previous step

SSL/TLS: Put tick mark

Step 5: After correctly putting info in the above-mentioned ways, the user needs to tap the next button. It will take a few seconds to verify the account. In the new screen, a few optional services will be displayed. Here the user will be able to switch on the services he will like to use from this device like Contacts, Notes, Calendars etc.

Step 6: On saving the changes, the iPhone will be ready to receive and send emails from Cogeco email service.

While changing the configuration, the user needs to keep in mind the following things:

  • If 3G/HSPA is used the outgoing (SMTP) server must be set to that of the cellular provider, whereas, if the user is accessing Wi-Fi system on the internet he must be in the domain of Cogeco and use the SMTP server configuration of Cogeco as narrated in Step 4.
  • The use must use correct Server port for incoming and outgoing email service which are 993 and 465 respectively.


In the case of any issue while undertaking the above-mentioned steps the users can contact the technical support team over the telephone to resolve any issue. The Cogeco email customer service is one of the most updated customer service providers. The technical staffs are all qualified people having relevant qualifications and permissions to work in this sector. Moreover, they are given special training time to time to keep their knowledge upgraded as per the latest changes in the technology or application. Cogeco email tech support number remains active 24/7, that means the clients can call at this number whenever they need a professional support for any Cogeco email related technical issues. 


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