Windstream Technical Support Help You To  Fix Windstream Internet Issues

Various private organisation and government agencies use Windstream to access the hi speed internet. It also uses cloud solution and enterprise class data to meet the requirement of your business.It may happen that when you use Windstream services,  your internet service may be slow. You need not worry about this, you can fix this problem by following one of the mentioned approaches.If you are getting any trouble in using this service you can also call Windstream Helpline number. Our experts assist you to solve your technical queries. The user can call on this number anytime to get an optimal solution. Our technicians guide you to improve your internet speed and wifi connections.


Many of the common causes of connection errors can be solved by Windstream Technical Support in the easy troubleshooting steps which are:

1. Power cycling your modem: Power cycling is the process resetting your network hardware to the factory default settings by following these steps:

  • First, shut down your computer.

  • Now unplug the power adapter from your modem.

  • Wait for at least 15 seconds then plug the cord back and make ensure that power light is on.

  • Now DSL and internet Lights begin flashing.

  • Now restart your computer to enjoy the high-speed internet connection.

If power cycling does not resolve this problem then Windstream technical support offers others ways to troubleshoot this problem.


2. Bypass networking hardware: Networking equipment such as routers, switches, VOIP routers or hubs may prevent the access. You need to bypass the networking equipment to test this. You need to remove the ethernet cable which connects  Windstream modem to your networking equipment. Now plug this cable into the Ethernet port on your computer which creates a direct communication between your computer and Windstream modem. After this reset your modem and test your connection again.


3. Determine IP Address information: if the problem still persists then you need to determine what IP address your computer receiving from Windstream modem to identify the problem. Click In Windows you need to click the Windows orb, "All Programs," and "Command Prompt" in "Accessories". Type the command "IP config" and then press "Enter". Now among the command output look for a string of numbers separated by periods. If the numbers before the first period ers are zeroes or 169, 192,  then there is the problem on the Windstream modem itself.  However, the problem is more likely with the networking hardware on your computer if there are any other numbers showing as your IP address, in this scenario you need to troubleshoot your computer.


4. Check your filters: if you are using a DSL connection then you should connect the line from your phone jack into one side of a box filter. You should have two lines coming out from another side of the filter: one for your modem and one for your phone. Ensure that you are using high-quality filters in place for the best signal speed.


5. Place your wireless router or computer in a different area: if you are using a wireless router then place your router near to you computer. You need to make sure that the router is placed in open space and should be cleaned of dust and proper ventilated.


Dial Windstream technical support Number to get the information

The user can get information about the online billing, payment history and invoices. Windstream technical support team provide the services in your selected area and Enterprise customer support for doing business in a larger way. You can also get support for Voice services to the customer for network repair, for network and firewall updates via Tier point support.


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