How To Get Rid Of The Issue “iTunes Match Is Not Uploading Songs”

iTunes Match replaces the music library with iCloud music library on your device. If you are an Apple music member then you don't need to replace your library. You can also merge it. If you are facing problem gettings any songs in your music library from iTunes match or iTunes match not uploading songs then you need to troubleshoot this issue.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix issue via iTunes Support:-

  • Download the NetLimiter for windows from its official site and find out your peak upload speed.

  • Now open the iTunes and Netlimiter then find the iTunes in the NetLimiter.

  • Select the checkbox beneath the UL Limit column and click on speed to change.

  • Now change the dropdown to Mbits and 75% of your peak upload.


Follow these steps while you are not using your computer because while iTunes Match is on you can't sync music. You can also select update iTunes Match from iTunes store menu to solve this issue. You can update iTunes with the help of iTunes Technical Support team. Another way is to turn off iTunes Match from iTunes store menu and turn on it again.

You should also check the connectivity of internet with your device.If these approaches don't fix this issue then call on iTunes Customer Service Number. This number always remain active. You can call on this number anytime when you find any issue with iTunes. To get a reliable solution you have to mention your issue clearly and what steps you have taken to solve those issues.


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