It is one of the most leading free webmail services. It was launched and developed for the benefit and ease of the common people. Through this service, one can send receive their messages with just one click.


Incoming Rocketmail IMAP setting:

Enter the account type as – IMAP

The username will be as – Provide your email address as the username in the given box.

Server hostname enters here – is the server required hostname.

Server port name – 993

Authentication needed – enter here the password of your required email address.

SSL/TLS setting – Yes will be the answer


Outgoing mail server settings (SMTP):

Here account type will be – SMTP

Username required here will be – enter your email address in the field required field as your username.

Server hostname –

Server port will be as – 465

Authentication will be required as – Password should be entered in this field

SSL/TLS – Here we need to enter ‘yes’ as the answer.


The configuration of Rocketmail with Outlook:

Below given is the procedure to follow up the configurational step in your outlook account:-


Step 1: Start your personal Outlook account.

Step 2: Next move to the ‘file’ tab option.

Step 3: From there move to the account settings which is present in the info category.

Step 4: From the email, tab click on the new.

Step 5: Search for the ‘add new account’ option after click on ‘manually configure server settings or additional server types’ and then move to next step.

Step 6: Choose the POP option and click on the next option.

Step 7: Enter your user details in the box like – your name, email address of the rocketmail account etc.

Step 8: Now move to the second box fill the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server details in the required boxes.

Step 9: Enter login your details in the box. Which includes your username and password of the rocketmail email address.

Step 10: Now tick mark on the ‘test account settings’ to make sure that all the settings are made successfully.

Step 11: After making all settings then click ‘next’ and then click on ‘finish’ button.


Setting up Rocketmail in Android phone

It is the easiest steps shown below to follow them by the common users.


Step 1: Open your android cell phone.

Step 2: Then open your settings application in your device.

Step 3: Move down to the settings option and search for emails.

Step 4: Now in emails, contacts, and calendar click on the next option.

Step 5: After that click on the ‘Add mail account’, which will prompt you to a tab to enter the required account details.

Step 6: There provide the username of ‘Rocketmail’ and password also of the same.

Step 7: Go to the ‘email server settings’ and choose the required mail server for your account from the given options.

Step 8: Again enter the email address of ‘Rocketmail’ account.

Step 9: Enter the outgoing mail server in the box as ‘’.

Step 10: Click on the ‘ok’ button.

Step 11: And finally click on the sync option.


To setup Rocketmail on iPhone?

Below given is the solution for Rocketmail mail server settings, just follow them carefully to implement in your account.


Step 1: Switch on your iphone device.

Step 2: Choose the mail application, from the options given below.

Step 3: Next move to the accounts section and then click on the ‘Add account’.

Step 4: Then choose the ‘Add mail account’.

Step 5: There you need to enter the username and required the password for ‘Rocketmail’ over the desired box then press next.

Step 6: In the incoming mail server, fill the IMAP host name as ‘’ and in the username enter ‘Rocketmail’ address.

Step 7: Now in the outgoing mail server enter the SMTP host name as ‘’ and in the username again enter Sympatico email address.

Step 8: In the password field enter the required Rocketmail address with the password of same.

Step 9: Verify your settings of rocketmail.

Step 10: Make enable your Sync option. And if not click on the option ‘enabled’.


Rocketmail tech support number’ is the toll-free number provided by the rocketmail for there regular employees, and also to resolve them at anyway.


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