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Everyone has an email id if he is a professional or student or dealer or businessman. Most of the communications are done through email. Also with the increase of emailing technology, hundreds of web email services are developed and along with this internet threats has been increased and hackers are always in a chance to hack the important data and details of the email. So, the security of the email sent from the sender is highly required. Many web services promise the security of user's data and account details but all of them are not up to the mark. Also, many of the mailing services are advertisement based and many of these advertisements may lead to suspicious web links that may lead to the entry of strong viruses in the inbox at the end. So a tightly secured connection is always required. Hushmail has been developed by the highly technically advanced brains that promise the more secure conversation on email. For Any issues that can not be easily resolved by Hushmail Technical Support & Customer Support Team.


 What is a HushMail account? It is like any other emailing service but with highly encrypted communication technique. It is paid service. While having an account with Husmail, user have to pay some amount though a free trial version is available.

Why should the user choose Hushmail? First, the emails are highly encrypted, secondly, it is a web service but the inbox is advertisements free. If both the sender and the receiver is having an Hushmail email id then they can communicate easily as both know the key that is an answer to the security question. If the recipient is not having hushmail id then he will receive the email as an encrypted message. On opening the email, first, he has to answer the security question then only he will be able to read the message. 

What do people use HushMail for? It is obvious from the above description about HushMail that it provides completely secured communication. It is not at all possible to track the email and ultimately the account details if the email is HushMail encrypted. Those organizations or people who have confidential communication happens every day required email id like HushMail that is completely safe and protected. Hushmail Technical support aims to reach customer expectations is the first priority.


How to setup Hushmail on various devices

Hushmail, like any other email, can be set up with any smartphone android or ios based. This section describes how one can set up Hushmail in the iPhone or an Android phone. for other client or customer service & support contact to the hushmail technical support community.


How To Setup Hushmail on iPhone?

  • Firstly tap on “settings” and then tap on “Mail, Contact, Calendars” followed by a tap on “Add email account”.

  • Now tap on “Other” and enter your account details such as username, Email ID, password and description for your account.

  • Choose POP and enter your incoming and outgoing server settings.

  • For incoming mail server enter as Host name, set 993 as your port.

  • For outgoing mail server enter as Hostname, 465 as the port number.

  • Enter Hushmail email address as the username and Hushmail account passphrase in passphrase field for the server.

  • Tap on “save” and sign in your account.


How To Setup Hushmail on Outlook?

  • Select “Info” and “Account settings” from the file menu and click on new.

  • Enter your name, email address and password in the respective fields.

  • Now choose “Internet Email” and click “Next”. Type your required account settings and click on More settings.

  • Select the outgoing server tab and provide settings.

  • If you want to add more security to your account then select “Advanced ” tab and click on “Ok”.

  • Now click on “Finish” followed by “Close”.


How To Setup Hushmail on Android?

  • Open the application menu and open the Email application in your phone.

  • Now tap on add account then enter your full email address and password in the required field.

  • Tap on manual setup and enter the incoming and outgoing server settings.

  • Once the setup is completed sign in your account.


Hushmail is secure email service which provides several features to send authenticated and encrypted messages among users. It is an encrypted web based email service which provides the great user interface and smooth operations. It is mostly used by the large organization because they need additional security for send their emails. In hushmail emails are protected by the password. Hushmail Technical Support is provided by the experienced professionals of the Hushmail technology. The Hushmail customer service executives help users in resolving issues related to Hushmail like:-

  • creating the account
  • configuring the account with email client application'
  • adding an account to any smartphone
  • Hushmail server down issue
  • email encryption issues 
  • billing issues
  • others

The technical executives at Hushmail Customer Service are 24/7 available through phone or email to guide the users with precise troubleshooting so that problem can be solved effectively and quickly. Get the quick response via hushmail technical support team is appropriate and satisfactory.


Hushmail Techincal Support Details & Customer Service Number:

Phone Number: 1-888-585-5196‚Äč

Working Hour: 365 Days 24 hour


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