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Leave all your worries. From today, you will be able to solve your Optonline email account issues by the expert hands of technical support & customer service. It only bestows high-class services that are quality tested.  It allows the user to get in touch with the world in minimal time frame along with brilliant attributes. Inspite its interactive interface, the user may get entrapped in technical glitches. To overcome technical hiccups, the user is required to get in touch with Optonline email technical support to get outstanding solution instantly. Well, some of your email issues that are highly registered have been brought forward and discussed here by Optonline Email Customer Service. But at first, we invite you to have a look at the common email issues. 


Optonline Email Issues

  1.       How to change an Optimum Online email password?
  2.       How to configure an Optonline email account on Windows 8?
  3.       How to Forward an Optimum Online Email to Gmail?


Critical issues which persist in Optonline email


Some of the challenging errors which have become nightmare for user to handle are error in send and receive emails, the issue in creating new account, failure of incoming server setting, error in configuration of account, conflicts with internet connectivity, password tribulation, non-working nature of account, incompatibility with web browser and much more. The user can simply pick up call and ring on the Optonline email toll-free number to get a fabulous solution in a couple of time frame. Technical experts are highly qualified to render cent percent satisfactory solution immediately.


How to set up an Optimum Online account on Mac OS X?


Open and launch your Apple Mail. After doing that, you are supposed to open the Preferences option. Go to the Accounts section then. The plus button will move you towards your approach. Optonline Email Customer Service now suggests you hit it for adding up a new account. Hereafter, you need to select the POP3 in Account Type. You will find a bar asking for your Optimum Online e-mail address.


How to setup an Optimum Online with Entourage for Mac?


  1. Open and launch the Home screen on your device
  2. Go to the Tools menu
  3. Click Accounts and move into the Mail tab
  4. Now you need to type your name in the Account Setup Assistant box
  5. Your email receivers will see this name when they receive messages from you
  6. Click the arrow button to move to the next screen
  7. Select POP3 from the My Incoming Mail Server list
  8. Go to the Account Name box
  9. Please type a descriptive name in it
  10. Click the Finish button to end up the process


How to set the server settings in Optimum Online?


  1. Server: Pop3
  2. Incoming mail server:
  3. Incoming mail server port: 110
  4. Check My POP3
  5. It will be asking for server authentication
  6. Server: SMTP
  7. Outgoing mail server:
  8. Outgoing mail server port: 587
  9. Check My SMTP
  10. It will be asking for server authentication


How to set up an Optonline email on iPhone/iPad?


  1. Open and launch the Home screen on your device
  2. Find out the Settings window
  3. Press Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  4. Select Add Account then
  5. It should be followed by the selection of the other menu
  6. Select Add Mail Account
  7. Enter your account information


How to configure an Optonline email account on Windows 8?


  1. Open and launch Mail
  2. Go to the bottom-right corner of the screen
  3. Click the Settings menu
  4. Accounts - Add New Account - Other Account
  5. Click on Show More Details now
  6. The Email Address box has to be filled with your Opt Online email address
  7. You are also supposed to enter your email ID and password
  8. Fill up your Email Server now
  9. Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
  10. Incoming Mail Server Port: 993
  11. Activate the SSL
  12. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  13. Outgoing Mail Server Port: 587
  14. Here the SSL is not recommended to you
  15. Click the Connect menu then

How could you troubleshoot the Optonline email server error?


  1. Contact your internet service provider and control the amount of spam and viruses.

  2. Check the incoming and outgoing server settings on your device.

  3. Go to the mail section then select a preference.

  4. Now locate the account icon and click on Account information tab.

  5. You have to edit server list so click on the outgoing SMTP server and click on Remove.

  6. Now you have to add a new server to send your emails.


How to communicate with Optonline Email Technical Support experts?


No hard-core science is required to communicate with the experts hired and trained by Optonline Customer Service center. The Optonline Email Technical Support Number is the key that is promised to provide you result-oriented services. Connect via tech community and feel free to talk with them at the toll-free helpline phone number anytime to get information. 

Whenever any sort of technical discrepancy occurs, the customer can reach out Optonline email Customer Service to get a reliable solution in a precise manner. Technical experts are known to ward off error in a professional manner. Optonline email Technical Support experts are available 24/7 globally to deliver an excellent solution. No more hesitations, when to call, just pick up the phone at any point of time from any location. Feel free to get the privilege of being served by Optonline email support team now.

You can also call on Optonline email technical support Number to get help. You can also ask a solution for other issues related to optonline email. Through this number, you will get quick resolution for all your query. You can call on this number anytime when you require any kind of help to resolve your issues.


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