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Rocketmail is one of the oldest free webmail services available for use. Presently this dynamic email service is available through Yahoo, i.e. the Rocketmail clients can sign in to their email service through Ymail. The users need to write the full email address with domain name and extension to access their Rocketmail accounts. In the case of any technical problem, Rocketmail technical support could be contacted for the prompt solution.

Hello, Rocketmail users! Let us know how we can help you on Rocketmail issues. Dial the number you see on your computer screen to get connected with the technicians from the staff and start benefiting from their expertise in providing excellent technical support on Rocketmail technical issues.Until you connect to one of the Rocketmail engineers, here is the quick guide to common Rocketmail issues that we come across on the day-to-day basis:  


How to set up Rocketmail on iPhone?

Great many Rocketmail account holders enquire about the configuration process of Rocketmail on iPhone. Some changes in the settings are required which are as mentioned here:

Step 1: The “Settings” app on the iPhone home screen is to be opened, there is an option "Mail, Contacts, Calendars” which is to be opened after that.

Step 2: The user now needs to tap "Yahoo" if he has not set up his Yahoo email account before. Otherwise, the option "Add Account" and then “Yahoo” are to be opened consecutively.

Step 3: A few blank fields will be visible now. In the “Name” field the profile name is to be typed, it is the name the user use on his Rocketmail email account.

Step 4: In the "Email" field the user needs to type the full Rocketmail address, i.e.", and in the password, he needs to use the password for Rocketmail.

Step 5: In this description field, the user can change this from the default to "Rocketmail," otherwise the system will use "Yahoo" as a default description. This field actually helps to differentiative Rocketmail from other emails.

Step 6: Now the user needs to tap the blue colored "Next" button present in the upper right corner of the screen. The iPhone system will now verify the account settings. It takes a few seconds, to a few minutes. If an "Unable to Verify" message is displayed, it means, some problems occurred in the types fields. The user then needs to recheck all information he has given in Step 3 and 4.

Step 7: On successful completion of verification, the user will be able to activate some services listed on the screen like "Contacts," "Calendars" and "Reminders" if required. At last, he needs to tap the "Save" button when a confirmation message will appear confirming that the account is ready to use.


Rocketmail SMTP and IMAP settings

Several calls are received every day by the technical executives with a request to help in configuring the Rocketmail SMTP settings and IMAP settings. The process involves some important changes in the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

  • In the incoming mail server, the following changes are required:

Account type: IMAP

User Name: The email address with domain name and extension

Server hostname:

Server port: 993

Authentication: Password used in Rocketmail

SSL/TLC: Checked


  • In the outgoing mail server, the following changes are required:

Account type: SMTP

User Name: The Rocketmail email address with domain name and extension

Server hostname:

Server port: 465

Authentication: Password used in Rocketmail

SSL/TLC: Checked

So, these changes will enable the user to make necessary changes in his Android or iOS mobile device and access Rocketmail seamlessly from all devices. The process is easy, but it is better to take help from an experienced technical staff just by dialing Rocketmail technical support number.


Features of Rocketmail Technical Support

This is the most authentic and useful support system that can provide prompt solution against any types of issues related to Rocketmail and its various features. Some mention-worthy features of this technical support system are as follows:

  • The support number remains active 24/7. So, Rocketmail account holders can call anytime whenever they require help.
  • The technical people associated with this support system are highly experienced and possessing necessary qualification and certificate to work in this sector.
  • The technical people speak with the clients very cordially. They are experts in guiding any client step by step towards the solution.
  • Technical staffs can also be called to understand the workability of any features in Rocketmail or how to activate those features.

Due to various reasons, the unhindered running of the email service may get disturbed. People these days use an email service for various reasons and from various devices. So, it is necessary to make the settings and configurations right and understand the correct ways of using the features. Rocketmail technical support helps in keeping the email service smooth-sailing. 


Rocketmail Techincal Support Details & Customer Service Number:

Phone Number: 1-888-585-5196

Working Hour: 365 Days 24 hour


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