Sky Email Technical Support Phone Number Is Promised To Solve Your Problem 

It is said that the Sky Email  Technical Support phone number is promised to solve your email sending and receiving problems. Is it limited to email sending and receiving, is it possible to solve an account login problem or any other problem at this customer care? Let’s explore the strength areas, one by one. For all those who still need help for the above solved bugs, they are required to connect with the technical team as soon as possible through using the Sky Email technical support number.It is quite easy to find over the sky email customer support site.With the help of it, individual would get the chance to connect with the experts directly.The expert would first listen to the user's issue and then suggest them with a proper solution.They would not leave the users in the middle until it will not get solve completely via sky email technical support.


Sky Email Customer Service- How To Solve Different Issues Associated To It

Sky Email gives you the tremendous and out of the world experience in emailing area.It has been incorporated through all such qualities that decrease the chances of getting technical bugs.No doubt that it works fast and is user-friendly but users may have to go through certain issues that might be difficult to recover.To get help for all such situations, users need to connect with the Sky Email Customer Service team that is all time ready to help the users.


What are the general issues for which the Sky Email customer service assists help?

  •  How would the “Sign in” issue will be avoided in Sky Email?
  • Is it possible to send and receive mail successfully in Sky Email?
  • Why have the files not been attached to the message that I am sending?
  • How could the unimportant emails be removed from the inbox?
  • Why is the mail account creating the issue to sync with other?
  • How will the problem of security get solve immediately?
  • How my mail account could be synced to the iPhone device?


Several issues are there that has been fixed through the Sky Email technical support team in which users may see the for few of them:


What would be the Sky Email settings for Outlook 2016?

Following guidelines need to be followed for solving the specific problem that has been suggested here:

  • Incoming
  • Incoming port:993
  • SSI(incoming): SSL
  • Outgoing
  • SSL(Outgoing): SSL
  • Required “Sign in”: Yes


How could the Sky Email be setup over the Android phone?

  •  First users need to go for the “Email” app through their device
  • Users are now required to click “Email” tab and should choose the option for “New”
  • It is now required to choose the option for “Add Account”
  • Individual should now enter the Sky email address and password and tap over the button of “Continue”
  • From there, users are required to select the “Account Type” such as POP or IMAP


It is now required to enter the “Income Server settings” and should click “Next”:

  •  Username: Sky email address.
  • Password: Enter mail password.
  • POP3 server: Enter “” having PORT number: 995
  • IMAP server: Enter “” with a PORT number: 993.
  • Security Type: Security type should be set to “SSL”


Now there is need to enter “outgoing Server settings” and should click “Next”:

  • Email address as “” with Port number: 465
  • Security type: “SSL”


What would be the Sky Email IMAP settings?

Following guidelines need to be followed for solving the below-given bug:

  • Type of the account: IMAP
  • Username: Email address as the username
  • Hostname of the
  • Port number:993
  • Authentication: Password
  • SSL/TLS: Yes


How to check the date and time settings in Sky Email?

In the case of a Mac operating system, you need to select the date & time preferences on the right-hand corner. If you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you are instructed to move the mouse pointer towards the bottom right portion of the screen where the adjust date and time option is available. Here you need to make right click on the mentioned bar. In the case of Windows 8 operating system, you are supposed to select the Search icon. To do that, you need to hover over the top right-hand side of the screen. Once you select the Search icon, you can find out the Date and Time quite easily. For the other help contact to the sky email technical support number.


How can I switch to basic Sky Yahoo Mail?

  •  Open Sky Yahoo Mail
  • Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail
  • Move towards the upper right corner and find Settings
  • You will get the Viewing email option on the left-hand menu
  • The selection of Basic is recommended to you
  • Save the changes

By following these steps once again, you can easily get back to the full-featured version. In this case, you need to choose the full-featured instead of the basic option.


How can I make my account sign in?

Sky Email Technical Support Number tells you the way to make your account sign in. So to make the account sign in, you are instructed to select mail from the top menu on It will give you sign in to My Sky option. Here you need to put your Sky email ID along with the password. Still facing problems contact to the sky email customer service center.


How to check sky email customer service status for any general issue?

You will need to sign in your Sky ID in order to check the service status for any general issue. Surprisingly, this is the key to deal with a wide range of problems. In the case of any sort of mismatch or difficulty, you are suggested to ask for help to Sky Email Customer Service.

The other ways through which the users may get help are the online text guides and tutorials.It is completely available for free and could be accessed through anywhere.The most important thing that users need to assure that there is a proper internet connection or not.But it would be always good if the account holder would reach the sky email technical support team through using the help number.


What are the benefits to reach the sky email technical support team?

  • There is 100% customer satisfaction for the technical bugs
  • Sudden issues can be fixed on the spot
  • Assistance through different mode such as email, chat and remote tech assistance
  • Resolution at the cost effective rates
  • Updating and configuring problem has not been fixed yet
  • Problem will get fix through the certified engineers
  • Customization problem will get solve quickly



Sky Email Techincal Support Details & Customer Service Number:

Phone Number: 1-888-585-5196

Working Hour: 365 Days 24 hour


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Service: Sky Email not working, unable to load, password reset/recovery and all kind of issues

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