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WordPress is the most popular online, open source website construction tool. Wordpress is written in PHP. Its popularity lies in the easiness with which anyone, even a layman, can use the tools to form websites. For this reason, Wordpress is so popular among the bloggers and freelance writers all over the world. It is also the most used content management system (or CMS) existing today on the internet. Its diversity and features enable both expert and novice developers to serve their clients in the best possible ways. So, Wordpress is virtually for everyone – developers to common people. Moreover, highly efficient Wordpress Customer Service to everyone calling them for technical help. This makes this popular web page development tool easier to handle.


Use WordPress like an expert with the help of WordpressPress Support


Common Wordpress users

Everyone uses Wordpress. In fact, the most popular celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, top-notch companies, blue chips, news media, famous bloggers use Wordpress to develop their websites. First-time bloggers prefer WordPress because of the easiness of using the tools here. Wordpress customer service provides both free and paid services. That is why experienced developers also use WordPress for premium quality website development.


Common WordPress issues

With millions of people using WordPress for different purposes and in many environments, everything doesn’t go smoothly and users may face different types of issues on the way. In fact, few common WordPress related complications may be encountered at any moment. In such situations, WordPress support number becomes very useful.


Some common issues are as follows:

  • Parse or Syntax error: This problem occurs while adding code snippets to a website through functions.php. In this problem, while reloading, the page goes completely blank.

Solution: This type of problem occurs due to any mistake in the coding. So, the user just needs to check for the syntax error in that coding. It should be kept in mind that even a simple missing of the brackets may cause the same error.


  • Error in establishing database connection: This message occurs when WordPress cannot connect with the site’s database files. The three possible solutions are as follows:


  1. Problem in wp-config.php: This file can be traced in the root directory of the WordPress installation. It contains all the login information regarding the database the user uses for the concerned site. The problem in connecting with the database may occur if any changes in the credentials are made. The user has to rectify that error.
  2. The problem in wp-admin: While accessing wp-admin, an error message may appear that says that the database needs to be repaired. This may be the major problem in the database connection issue. In the wp-cofig.php the user needs to type define (‘wp_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true). After that, the user can access http://www.xyz.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php to start and complete the repairing process. After the successful repairing process, the above-mentioned command to be erased. Th problem will be solved.
  3. The problem with the host: If neither of the above solutions works, the problem may be with the host. In such situations, the user needs to contact the host to fix the issue otherwise contact to the WordPress customer service.


  • The problem in uploading of images: This problem is manifested in the following ways:
    1. Images previously uploaded are no longer available
    2. The user will not be able to upload any media file in this problem
    3. While uploading, the images may seem incomplete or broken
    4. The media library may seem incomplete or not uploading properly

Solution: In most of the situations it is found that image uploading issue occurs to any problem in the media file or folder accessibility. The user generally needs a permission from the provider’s site for accessing the media file but faulty plugin, any technical issue on the provider’s website, or due to any malicious activity on the user’s website the image uploading issue may occur. The user needs to follow the steps below to sort out this issue with the help of WordPress Technical Support team:

  1. The file permission may be disrupted due to any recent upgrade from the web hosting provider. The user needs to connect to the website through FTP client and then access the wp-content directory > uploads > file permission.
  2. As the new window opens, the user needs to type “744” in the field “Numeric value” and click on “Apply to directories only”.
  3. The user now needs permission to access all the files in the directory. For this, he needs to right click on the upload and select “Permissions”.
  4. A new window will be opened where he needs to put “644” in the field called “Numeric Value”, then check the “Recurse into subdirectories” button, and select the “apply to files only” option.

Through this process, Filezilla will be able to set the lost image accessibility option. The user will be able to upload files that were an issue previously.


Know the approaches to Fix WordPress error 500

Error 500 is known an internal server error. It is common Wordpress error that can be easily fixable. Internal server errors can happen with anything running on your server. WordPress error 500 is caused by plugin, theme function, corrupted .htaccess file and PHP memory limit. One of the reasons for Internal server error if you are trying to access the administrator area.

Solutions: To troubleshoot the issue you can try following approaches-

  • By increasing the PHP memory limit

  • Deactivate all the plugins to check for faulty plugins.

  • Debug your site to locate issues.

  • Checking if your folders and files have the correct file permissions.

  • Uploading fresh wp-content includes folders to your site.

  • Asking your hosting provider if the issue is on the server that powers your site.


WordPress Technical Support & Customer Support Number

Apart from these problems, numerous other issues may surface while working on WordPress. During those irritating situations, WordPress technical support number can be dialed for getting instant help to solve the issues. This WordPress customer service consists of a team of top-class technicians who are extremely skilled in solving any kinds of technical issues related to WordPress. The WordPress technical support number remains active 24/7 to serve the clients in the best possible manner. 


WordPress Techincal Support Details & Customer Service Number:

Phone Number: 1-844-312-7474

Working Hour: 365 Days 24 hour

Website: https://wordpress.com/

Contact WordPress: https://wordpress.com/help/contact/

Service:  WordPress not working, unable to load, password reset  and all kind of issues

Type Of Connecting Service: WordPress  Technical Support Number, WordPress  Customer Service Number, WordPress  Customer Support Number

Official Support: https://en.support.wordpress.com/live-chat/


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